New job, new people to manipulate…and a new girlfriend to victimize

Good morning followers, sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  I’ve recently started a new job and started to date a new girl so my time has been limited.  I’ll take a brief pause here from telling my life story to update what is going on in my current life.

I started a new business back in February after being laid off from my previous job.  Let me tell you, starting a business is not for the faint of heart.  It took a lot of time and money and I ended up with nothing. Not where anybody, much less a narcissist, wants to be.  Soooo I had to go get a sucker job in which I report to someone.  I have been able to manipulate my way into management jobs for the past 10 years and my new job is also managing people.  It is so easy to get into these kind of jobs by telling the hiring managers exactly what they want to hear.  “I work for my employees, not the other way around”.  “I am firm but fair”.  “My job is to let my employees shine”.  Hiring managers love to hear this stuff but I don’t mean any of it.  I am only looking out for one person, me!

I’m starting off small with this new job, I am only managing 2 people but I already have a plan to accumulate other teams.  Basically, motivate my 2 resources to accelerate the current project, look like a rock star for doing so and begin my empire.  My 2 resources are from other countries and I’ve always found it easy to manipulate people from other countries.  I’m a white male from America, and it is good being a white male from America in today’s world.  Everybody wants what I have.  So I use this to my advantage by telling stories of my great life and listening intently on what other people say in order to decipher what will end up motivating (read manipulate) them.  Then slowly give them what they want so they end up wanting more.  I think in 3 months time I will be able to acquire more resources, probably get promoted and continue my victimization.

On the relationship front I have recently started dating a new girl.  For those that haven’t been following along I am recently divorced from my second wife.  She is the one who pointed out to me that I am a narcissist.  It’s probably good to mention that both her and my first wife are also from other countries.  They come here to seek out the American dream and I tell them what they want to hear.  The new girl, of course, is from another country.  Somewhere in South America but again I try not to get too detailed as I want these blog posts to be anonymous.  God forbid someone finds out who I am and my charade is unmasked.

I knew from the very beginning this new girl would be temporary.  Her English skills are lacking, her body is not really all that great (she has stretch marks from having a kid and her legs are a bit thick for my taste) and she has a shitty job.  What I can acquire from her is temporary companionship and sex until I find someone new.  I have already chosen a newer target and once I get the new girl a bit more hooked I will dump the other one.  The new girl is hotter and younger and has more earning potential.  Those are the things I look for when acquiring a target:  how hot she is, her age so that she does not lose that beauty for awhile, her earning potential and how easy she will be to manipulate.

I should also note that I am (legally) stalking my ex-girlfriend still.  Again, for those that haven’t been following along I had a girlfriend, who I believe is also a narcissist, who I broke up with in February.  I strung her along for as much time as possible but she eventually wanted to get back with her ex-boyfriend.  It looks like they are together now from my “research”.  I think she was cheating on my and/or him while we are dating.  Her boyfriend is very elusive in terms of social media so I have no way of contacting him directly but my plan is to hire a PI and have him deliver a package to her boyfriend.  The contents will be a note with my contact information, some details on our relationship such as when we started dating and when we broke up, a photo of me and the girl in bed that we took right after having sex (no nudity of course, I am not a lawbreaker) and a message along the lines of “she was playing us both”.  My hope is to cause as much problems for her as possible.  Listen, she deserves it if she is a narcissist and really was cheating on both me and her boyfriend.  She rejected me and that is the hardest blow to a narcissists ego.

Until next time,